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What we can see about Liquid Crystal
 Liquid crystal is not gas, or liquid as well as solid. Several pictures of LC from microcosmic to microscope are shown as below.
 The smectic phase liquid crystal                 
 The molecule of liquid crystal under tunnel-microscope
In the Smectic phase, the molecules are oriented with the same layer space, and the molecules density between the layers is relatively lower. These phases possess permanent polarizations and are thus ferroelectric. These ferroelectric liquid crystals (FLCs/AFLCs) , which people look forward to seeing , respond much more quickly to applied fields than nematics do and can be used to make various fast and bistable electro-optic devices.
 The Cholesteric liquid crystal
 Liquid Crystal seen under polarized-microscope

Cholesteric liquid crystal is make up of twisted liquid crystal layers, which can take on colorful interference color along the change of temperature, thus is utilized to display thermometer, and it is one of LC used in commerce first.
 The nematic phase liquid crystal
 Liquid Crystal seen under polarized-microscope

The nematic phase, for example, is characterized by the orientation order of the constituent molecules, which is easily controlled in molecular orientation, so nematics are (still) the most commonly used phase in liquid crystal displays (LCDs), with many such devices using the twisted nematic geometry. The defection of orientation illustrated can be disposed within the manufacture process.

 The liquid crystal used in LCD
 Liquid crystal material
The liquid crystal phase, between -30℃-80℃, normally is milk white. It will be crystal under relatively lower temperature; on the contrary, it will be transparent liquid.
  More liquid crystal technology knowledge please refer to below website.

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